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Multi- Function Chairs

The perfect compliment to any interior decor is a nice looking accent chair. If it happens to offer versatile functionality it is even better. The back rest of the Innovation line of chairs can be positioned in a variety of angles to accommodate your mood or laid flat to offer more possibilities. In pairs they can even make a place to sleep. The full collection of chairs are available in your choice of stylish fabric or covering and are accented with chrome or wood. Perfect for small spaces and apartments!

Stylish Sofa Beds

If there are any complaints about Sofa Beds and Futons its that they typically look unattractive and usually feel even worse. The convertible fold down collection from Innovation transcends these points with the most stylish and comfortable selection of sleeper sofas anywhere. Gone are the large metal structures and typical cross bars that can make sitting and sleeping painful. The Innovation line features smooth linear surfaces, stylish designs and a wide selection of fabrics and coverings to change anyone's mind about sleeping on the sofa.

Innovation Catalog

If you have not seen the full line of convertible furniture from Innovation you will be amazed at their style and function. The light and classic look of their Scandinavian designs offers something for every interior design project. Home Koncepts is proud to have the only Gallery in Houston featuring the latest styles from the leader in affordable small scale designer furniture. Take a look at the catalog provided here and see for yourself!